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This website describes the civilian internment camps (location, arrival, and departure dates, transports, transfers, references, etc), but provides not always complete rosters for the camps. Therefore this website does not offer a search function to locate in which camp(s) a parti≠cular person was interned.

I do not posses the necessary means to permit such a search in my own archives. The only source for such a search is via the Netherlands Red Cross:


Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis, afdeling Oorlogsnazorg

Leeghwaterplein 27

2521 CV Den Haag



In compliance with the Dutch Privacy Act, personal data can only be provided to very close relatives. It is important that you submit a request disclosing specific details relative to your search:

1. Your personal data

2. Personal data of the person(s) in question

3. Your relationship to the person or persons

4. Your mailing address.

Data provided should include as much information as possible, but no less than sur≠name, first name, middle name(s), date of birth and motherís maiden name.




After the war, people were evacuated/repatriated to The Netherlands (or to some other countries) by ship. This website provides a list of ships, with references to known archives and passenger lists.

If the name of the vessel is not known, you can request a search from

1. Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis (see contact info above)

2. Herman van Oosten (

3. Me (

The collection of passenger lists available in The Netherlands is unfortunately not com≠plete. In addition, not every passenger list is complete. This means that a search does not always yield positive results.


Henk Beekhuis



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